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10 Festive Holiday Ideas for Families

10 Festive Holiday Ideas for Families

As the holidays approach, we have so much to do and one of the biggest is keeping the kids busy and enjoying time with them. Sometimes we get so caught up in the commercial aspects of the holidays that we end up forgetting that time is one of the biggest gifts you can give your kids.

Here we offer some ideas of things you can do to make this one of the most memorable family holidays yet! In addition to spending time with family, some of these ideas will also teach your kids some important lessons about giving back.

Holiday Fun Activities

  • Do a fun family photo shoot (the reason self-timers were made!) – Who says you need a professional photographer to capture the perfect Christmas card image? You can get a far more natural and often comical photo by doing it yourself. And you don’t need an expensive camera either. Mobile phone cameras have come a long way and you can get some great shots using just your phone! Here are some tips to make your phone shots the best they can be!

  • Have the kids donate to a toy drive out with the old and in with the new! If your family is fortunate enough to be able to buy new toys and gifts for your kids, teach your children the gift of giving by having them donate their gently used toys to a local toy drive or shelter.

  • Have a family slumber party under the tree build forts or just gather up every blanket and pillow you can find and everyone camp out for the night. Include lots of snacks and treats. Be assured your won’t get much sleep, but the memories will be worth it and the kids will always remember it!

  • Go for a drive to see Christmas lights many people do massive displays that will have your little ones eyes shining! Some communities even have drive through displays.

  • Create a “Gratitude List” Sit down with the kids and write all the things you all are grateful for. This is a great tradition to have at the end of the year and even more fun to re-visit throughout the year. Not sure where to start? Have a look here.

  • Holiday baking It might be faster to just do it yourself,Holiday Baking with Kids but if you don’t mind the extra time, your kids could make it into a whole new adventure. Sure your kitchen might need a good cleaning afterwards, but the fun the kids will have will make it worthwhile! Plus we offer some tips for holiday kitchen clean up

  • Have a movie night – pull out all of the holiday movie favorites, grab some eggnog (maybe “happy” eggnog for the adults) and some hot chocolate for the kids and enjoy some time relaxing and watching a movie or two.

  • Write a letter to soldiers who won’t be home for the holidays this year This is another way to teach your kids that the holidays aren’t just about receiving gifts. And the soldiers who receive the letters will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

  • Do a cookie swap with some of your neighbors remember that baking day you enjoyed with the kids? Well now you can extend that by doing a socially distanced cookie exchange. Just wrap them up or put them in a cookie tin with a note from the kids and leave it on their door step. If you don’t want to do a swap, just leave them anonymously or say they are from Santa!

  • Hire Us to clean your house Wondering how you will fit in all of these fun activities with the kids and still have time to do all of the other things that need to be done? We can help! We can take cleaning off your plate, so you have more time to enjoy lots of activities with your kids. If you want to give the gift of clean to someone else, we also offer gift cards!

We hope these tips make your holiday season just a little bit brighter and that you will have a safe and happy holiday!