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Four Ways to Clean Up and Enjoy Your Home This Summer

You’ve heard about spring cleaning, but what about summer cleaning? Take advantage of the fresh air and great weather when tackling your house cleaning to-do list. Here are four ways to keep your home clean during the summer months so you can clean less and relax more! 

1. De-clutter and Donate(or Sell!) 

Are messy closets and a disorganized garage driving you crazy when you’re trying to find the beach towels and lawn chairs? Dedicate some time to cleaning up those spaces. Donate unwanted items in good condition to your local thrift store, or bring high-quality items to a consignment store if you want to make a few extra dollars.

You could also take advantage of the nice weather by holding a garage sale. Have your family help you sort through the items, and ask your neighbors if they want to join the garage sale effort. 

Four Ways to Clean Up and Enjoy Your Home This Summer 

2. Stay Bug Free 

Keep outdoor lights and fixtures clear of bugs. Install bug lights to keep the number of insects down around doorways and patiosClean your counters thoroughly after food prep and keep your compost in the freezer. This will reduce the presence of flies in your kitchen and home.   

3. Pet Pampering  

Clean up outdoor pet areas, and make sure to wash and refill their water dishes on a daily basis. The summer is also a great time to wash and air out indoor pet items such as cages, beds and litter boxes. Use pet-friendly cleaning supplies to give their toys and leashes a wash. Better yet, why not give your pup a little scrub down with some pet-safe shampoosFresh fur will keep your furry friend happy and your home clean! 

4. Make Way for Summer Treats 

Check your fridge and freezer for out-of-date items, and clear them out to make room for ice cream, popsicles and ice cubes! While you’re at it, wipe down the inside of your fridge to keep the shelves and walls looking clean and smelling fresh. Consider organizing your freezer based on food type for easier summer meal prep 

The best summer space is a clean home. Tackle these jobs throughout the summer so that you can enjoy a clean home every day! Not sure where to begin? Start with the fridge and freezer so that you have room for those cool summer treats to keep you going! Don’t forget to get the kids involved and turn it into some fun family time. 

Ask us about our pet friendly cleaning products! Let us know how we can provide safe and thorough house cleaning services for you today by connecting with us at 225-756-3900 or sales@guaranteemaids.com.


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