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6 cleaning tools that make cleaning easy

6 Cleaning Tools That Make Cleaning Easy!

When thinking of cleaning, what words come to mind? Are they words like: Time-consuming? Duty? Draining? Chore? 

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

Equipped with the right cleaning tools, cleaning actually becomes simple and can even become fun!

As the number one professional cleaning service here in Baton Rouge, we do A LOT of cleaning, so we thought we would share our favorite cleaning tools to help make cleaning easier and more fun for you.

cleaning tool - ironhandle brush

Ironhandle brush  

This cleaning tool is perfect for scrubbing dirty bathtubs and showers. Here at Guarantee Maid Services, we use iron handle brushes for tiled shower walls, and for the walls and floors of showers and bathtubs. It’s easy to grip and works great to get all the grime from daily living out of bathtubs and showers. 

Another great use for this cleaning tool is for the racks of an oven. It can be time consuming to clean an oven rack with all the individual rods needing to be cleaned. With an iron handle brush, you can scrub them down much quicker. 

Iron handle brushes are easy to find and inexpensive. This particular tool is a Brillo Basics brush. 

plastic cup

Plastic cup

You may be wondering to yourself, how in the world do I clean with a plastic cup? If that is your thought process then don’t worry, we know what we’re talking about! We’re professional house cleaners remember? 

Oftentimes, we use this cleaning tool to fill up our steam mop. Trying to dump a bucket of water into a small opening usually ends up in a mess and we’re hired to clean, not to make messes! 

Plastic cups are also very useful in washing out chemicals from showers and tubs when we’re done cleaning if there’s no handheld showerhead. 



A toothbrush is a great cleaning tool that makes getting the hard-to-reach places easy. Normally, hard-to-reach places can either be too difficult to clean or not overly noticeable that people neglect them, but it’s important to clean the small areas so it doesn’t start to stink up your house.  

Here at Guarantee Maid Services, we use toothbrushes to clean around faucet handles in the shower, tub and sink, in crevices where counters meet the wall or sink, and around the screws behind the toilet seat lid. 

magic eraser

Magic Erasers

Magic Erasers are a staple for us here at Guarantee Maid Services and we use it for almost everything! From cleaning kitchens to cleaning pools it truly is a magic cleaning tool. If you haven’t heard of Magic Erasers, they’re exactly what they say they are, they magically erase messes like black marks on walls, and gunk and build up out of filters and drains. Another great thing about Magic Erasers is that they are powerful enough to remove buildup but also soft enough that they won’t damage the surface you’re cleaning. 

cleaning tool - whisp broom
Small dustpan with a whiskbroom

A small dustpan with a whisk broom is our favorite cleaning tool to capture dust in narrow spaces. Dust gathers from particles of skin, dirt, and pollen. Dust coats your whole house, and can even cause allergies by coating your throat when you breathe it in. So you definitely don’t want that in your house! We use a small dustpan with a whisk broom to dust off accordion style doors, the crescent moon on fan blades, grills at the bottom of fridges, and AC return vents. 

bottle brush
Bottle Washer

Last, but certainly not least, most useful cleaning tool that we use is a bottle brush. At Guarantee Maid Services we use this cleaning tool to get the inside of jets in jacuzzi bathtubs, and outdoor hot tubs.

We hope our favorite cleaning tools will allow you to have ease of mind when it comes to cleaning. Equip yourself with the right cleaning tools, and cleaning will become simple and can even become fun!

If you’re in the Baton Rouge area and still don’t want to clean, we can do it for you! Call us today to book a home or office cleaning to make cleaning easy! Get a quote and let us give you your weekends back.

If you or someone you know might be interested in joining our our awesome team, we would love to have you! Read more about working for Guarantee Maid Services here or apply today!

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