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6 Tips to Help You Achieve Organized Chaos

Keeping a house clean with little tornadoes running around feels like an impossible dream. Between work, dishes pile up faster than you can wash them, laundry multiplies in the basket, and toys erupt like miniature volcanoes across the living room floor. Ugh! Is there an end to this house cleaning? But here’s the secret: a perfectly pristine home isn’t the goal. Instead, let’s embrace the concept of organized chaos.

The Concept Behind Organized Chaos

Before you envision a Pinterest-worthy organized, magazine-spread home, let’s talk about it. So, what is “organized chaos” anyway? It’s the art of creating a system that works for your family, even if it might not look picture-perfect. Some people thrive on a minimalist, perfectly organized space. But for many of us, that level of tidiness just isn’t realistic.

The key is to find a system that works for you and your family. Maybe that means having designated play areas; “creative corners” where toys can be a little messy, or where they can unleash their inner Picasso without worrying about making a mess in the living room. Keep cleaning supplies readily available for quick clean-ups.  Embrace the fact that some chaos is inevitable.  The important thing is to have a system in place to keep it from snowballing.

6 Tips to Help You Achieve Organized Chaos

1. Start small:

Don’t try to tackle the entire house in one day because that will only overwhelm you. Pick one drawer, cabinet, or room to declutter at a time.

2. Declutter Regularly:

Get rid of things you no longer use or love. Schedule regular decluttering sessions, 15 minutes daily or an hour weekly. Here’s a helpful guideline: if you haven’t used it in a year, donate it, sell it, or toss it.

  • For clothes, ask yourself: does this fit? Do I feel good wearing it? You should let it go if your answer is a no. Donate gently used clothes to shelters or charities.
  • For toys, consider having a designated donation bin and rotate the toys your kids play with regularly. Involve your kids in the process! Let them pick a few toys to donate. Explain to them that by donating gently used toys, they’re making other kids happy.
  • Be ruthless with expired medications, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies.
  • Go through your pantry and fridge regularly and toss out expired or spoiled food.
  • Minimize paper clutter. Scan important documents and store them digitally. Shred or recycle unnecessary paperwork.
Utilize Organized chaos

3. "One-in, One-out" Rule:

Before bringing a new item into your home, get rid of something old. Perhaps a new board game comes in, so you donate some old books or toys that your kids have outgrown. This lessens the chances of clutter building up over time.

4. Utilize storage solutions:

Baskets, bins, and shelves are your best friends when it comes to organized chaos. Investing in storage like multifunctional furniture is a lifesaver in space-challenged homes.

  • Ottomans with storage compartments are great for stashing away blankets, pillows, or even board games.
  • Lift-top coffee tables can be used to store books, magazines, or toys.
  • Benches with built-in cubbies provide a place to sit and keep shoes or bags organized.
  • Wall-mounted organizers with cubbies or hooks are perfect for storing toys, backpacks, or craft supplies.
  • Utilize vertical space by installing shelves or cabinets on empty walls.

5. Create Designated Drop Zones:

Instead of letting clutter accumulate on surfaces, establishing specific landing zones is another way to fight against organized chaos for commonly used items as soon as you enter the house.

  • Near the entrance, install a coat rack and hooks for hanging jackets, backpacks, and bags.
  •  The shoe rack keeps footwear organized and off the floor.
  •  A small tray or basket can serve as a catch-all for mail, keys, loose change, or everyday essentials like sunglasses or hats.
  • In the kitchen, designate a drawer for takeout menus and coupons.
  • Magnetic strip or designated spot (perhaps on the refrigerator) for important papers, bills, and permission slips.
  • A laundry hamper for each room keeps dirty clothes off the floor.
  • A designated shelf or bin can be used for toys or books that haven’t been put away yet.

6. Label everything:

Clear containers with labels make it easy to see what’s inside and put things back in their designated spot. There’s a label for everything, from supplies and food labels to toys, clothing labels, and more organization! Take a look at these downloadable labels.

Embracing Organized Chaos in Your Home

The truth is, there will always be moments when your home seems to be in complete chaos. That’s okay! Happy memories are made in homes that are lived in, even if they’re a little messy sometimes. Strive for organized chaos and know that you’re not alone. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help, whether it’s a weekly deep clean or a bi-weekly cleaning. Cleaning services can work wonders for your sanity and give you back precious time to focus on what truly matters – creating memories with your amazing, messy, wonderful family.

If you need an easier way to organize your storage space, check out our blog, Organizing For More Storage Space.

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