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7 Everyday Uses for Dryer Sheets

We love a good cleaning hack, and this is a great one! Dryer sheets aren’t just for laundry! They can be surprisingly useful in tackling other areas of your home. We all know that they are great at making our linens smell fresh and clean, but dryer sheets are just as great at a number of other things. Here are 7 everyday uses for dryer sheets that you can use in your home today!  

1. Rub Deodorant Marks Out of Existence 

Do you re-wear your clothes until they smell ripe enough for a wash? Don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret, and nobody will know as long as they don’t spot those tell-all deodorant marks. All you have to do is grab an unscented dryer sheeand softly dab and rub the streaks until they disappear. Voila! Your shirt is as good as new! 

common uses for dry sheets

2. Send Soap Scum Packing 

Soap scum build-up in the bathroom is a problem that plagues us all. More often than not, it can only be banished by using extra intense bleach and cleaners, but we have a better way! All that you need is you guessed it! A dryer sheet! Dampen it and scrub away until you send all the soap scum packing. 

3. Manage Your Messy Mane 

Having a bad hair day? Never fear, your new favorite beauty hack is here to save the day. Wrap a dryer sheet around your hair. Run the sheet along the length of your hair and watch with awe as the frizz flies away. This works so well because dryer sheets are designed to decrease static electricity production in the dryer. It has the same effect on your hair! 

4. Bid Adieu to Food Residue 

We all know how stubborn food residue and stains can be. They just refuse to go away! Well, their reign of terror ends now; dryer sheets are here to banish these stubborn stains! Just place a dryer sheet in the center of the dish, add liquid soap and warm water, and let the dryer sheet work its magic for an hour or so. Then discard the dryer sheet, pour out the water, and use a sponge to wipe the stains away in one fell swoop. 

5. Tackle the Carpet of Pet Hair

As we all know, pet hair sticks to EVERYTHING. And lint rollers are not always as effective as we’d like. So, the next time you find yourself stuck in a hairy situation, just wipe a fresh dryer sheet against the affected piece of clothing or furniture and watch as its restored to hairless glory. 

dryer sheet cleaning hack

 6. Reacquaint Your Screen with Gleam and Sparkle 

Dust always settles on our computer and TV screens, dulling their gleam and generally ruining their appealSince our electronics are electrically charged, wiping the dust away with a dusting cloth doesn’t really help much as they attract more dust particles in no time. Dryer sheets, however, combat the static effect. They effectively remove dust particles, and the static resist makes it difficult for the dust to resettle on the screen’s surface. 

7. Make Your Car Shine 

The next time you roll up your sleeves to hose down your car, you might want to use this amazing tip first. Wet or dampen a dryer sheet and gently wipe down your bumper and windshield to get rid of all the grime, dirt, dead bugs, and anything else that might have accumulated there.  

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