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7 Tips for Back to School Shopping

Oh the nightmare of back to school shopping! You know what I’m talking about – parents and kids everywhere you turn trying to find the best deals, trying to find the supplies on the list without breaking the bank, and your kids throwing stuff in the cart you have no intention of buying (oh and the sounds they make when you make them put it back!!!).

Yep, it is a bit stressful, to say the least. But then again, it does mean the kids are headed off to school in a couple of weeks and you will get some time to yourself again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed spending time with them, but now mommy just needs a little “me” time.

You know there is a store that came up with a brilliant marketing idea that was a massive hit back in 2013. Do you remember the Christmas song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”? Well, they made it into a back to school TV ad that went viral. It’s comical and obviously intended to promote back to school shopping, but I think it spoke to worn out parents in a “magical” way!

The truth is, back to school shopping can be pretty stressful. Your kids want this, but you don’t want to pay that much. The store is all out of the must have item of the year and now your kid is having a melt down in the middle of Target. So. Much. Fun!! But there are ways to make it a bit less stressful.

Back to School

Tips to Relieve the Stress

1.) Have fun with it

Everything doesn’t have to be get in, get what you need, get out. Take your time and let the kids have a bit of fun building glue stick towers in the cart or buying that one inexpensive item they really don’t need.

2.) Look for deals BEFORE you go

Look at flyers or online, but be sure who has the best deals before you head out to get those school supplies. I find that generally Target has the best deals, but sometimes other stores offer better savings when I take the time to look for the deals before I go.

3.) Be patient

With yourself, your spouse, kids, and other shoppers. The stores tend to be packed in the school supplies section right now, so if you try to zip through quickly, chances are you are just going to end up frustrated.

4.) Tag Team

 Take your spouse or a friend to help keep an eye on the kids while you tackle the list the school wants your kids to have.

5.) Visit the Dollar Store

They generally have a lot of what you need for a fraction of the cost of the big box stores.

6.) Buy in Bulk

If you have friends with kids who also need school supplies, buying in bulk offers a better price and then you can split the supplies.

7.) Check what you already have

You might be surprised at just how much of what’s on that list you already have at home. Take the time to look before you head out shopping and you could save yourself a few bucks.

So those are our back to school shopping tips. I hope they help! If you want to learn how to set up a great back to school routine, be sure to check out our blog, Back to School Tips for an Easy Daily Home Routine