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Getting Ready for the Cleaners

Are You Ready for the Cleaners?

I know this might seem like a weird topic, but stay with me. It will make much more sense in a minute. I know you are already thinking, how can it make sense? The cleaners are coming to clean, so why do I have to do anything to get ready for them? 

What is the first thing you cleaner sees when entering your home?

Let’s think about it for a minute. When you hired your weekly or bi-weekly cleaner what did you have in mind for them to do for you? Clean your bathroom, mop, vacuum, dust? Perfect! That’s what they want to do for you!

So, your cleaner arrives and walks in the front door and what do they see? Shoes kicked off wherever (here’s a great option for tucking those shoes away), countertops covered in mail, papers and other clutter, bathroom towels thrown on the floor, toys everywhere, etc. Ok, so that means all of that has to be picked up and straightened up before the real job your cleaner is there to do can even begin. 

I know you are thinking what’s the big deal. Well, let me ask you, will you be upset if you get home and the house isn’t cleaned the way you expected? After all, you paid for a cleaner to come and spend 3 hours making your home shine. But now you arrive home and the house just doesn’t have the “clean” you expected. The first thing you will want to do is call the cleaning company and complain and ask that that particular cleaner not come back because they did a terrible job! 

But let’s just slow down for a minute here. Your cleaner showed up on time, with all of the right tools and equipment, as well as a schedule to get your home in tip top shape in the time they are allotted to be at your house. But when she arrives, she has to spend the first hour picking up and putting away things that prevent her from cleaning your home properly. After all, you can’t clean a countertop covered in mail and papers, or mop floors covered in wet towels, toys and a multitude of other things.  

Doing that just took an hour out of her regular schedule. So now, yes, she may need to rush a bit to get everything done on time. And if there is too much “pre-clean up” to do, she may not even get to some of her regular tasks. She could always just stay a bit longer, right? WRONG! She has other customers waiting on her to clean their homes and they have the same expectations as you – that their cleaner arrives on time, prepared to do the job and make their home sparkle.  

Is it making a little more sense now?

So, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you want your cleaner to have the time to do the job thoroughly and properly, it is important to ensure that you have done your part before their arrival. Make sure that your cleaner can easily and efficiently get to work doing the job you are paying her to do! That way, at the end of the day you are both happy! 

Every so often you might be looking for more than a weekly clean. Check out our other available services, like fogging, move in/move out, office and event cleaning. We offer many options. Contact us for more details. 

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