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Back to School Tips for an Easy Daily Home Routine 

While a new school year can be exciting, the daily routine can also be stressful. This school year will also look very different for everyone. With all the changes to the way schools will be running, the daily routine needs to be more manageable than ever.  

Keeping the daily school routine will be important, regardless of whether your child is at school or at home for classes. See below for our tips on how to make this school year a success! 

DIY Lunch Tips

One of the most stressful parts of the back to school routine can be making lunches. Use these five easy DIY lunch tips to help make your school day meal prep easier.

1. Keep plastic bins in the refrigerator labelled protein, fruits, vegetables, snacks and dessert.

Every Sunday, fill plastic bags with your child’s favorite deli meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, snacks and desserts. Place them in the bins and make sure there is enough for the week. Have your children pick one bag from each bin every morning to put in their lunchbox. Whether at home or in school, use this as a standard lunch-making routine every day to create some structure. 

2. Use clean sponges as ice packs.

Buy a package of sponges to freeze in plastic bags and then use them as ice packs as needed. After each school year, you can repurpose them to use for house cleaning. 

daily routine lunch tips

3. Use a thermos to keep soups and pasta warm.

Boil water and pour it into the thermos to warm it up. After you warm up the soup or pasta, put it in the thermos so it will stay hot during the dayThat way lunch is pre-made and ready to go for either in school or at home studies.

4. Keep microwavable plastic containers to pack leftovers. 

Microwavable plastic containers are perfect for packing leftovers. After dinner, put the leftovers in the container and store them in the fridge overnight. The next day, your child simply needs to warm the food in the microwave at lunchtime.

5. Prepare everything at night.

No matter what you decide to make for lunch, you and your children can always prepare lunches the night before. This will help alleviate stress in the morning, especially if things tend to be very busy around the house before classes start! 

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Bargain School Supplies Shopping List 

School supplies can get expensive, especially when shopping for multiple children. See the list below for the best five stores to buy school supplies. 

1. Amazon
There are many amazing deals on Amazon, especially if you are buying lots of one item. They even have a back to school deal page dedicated to school supplies. Check the page frequently for new deals. 

2. Walmart
Walmart carries school supply lists specific to your child’s teacher or school. If needed, Walmart also has its own school uniforms storeThey have some of the best prices and carry almost all the supplies you might need, so you can avoid having to shop at multiple stores. 

3. Oriental Trading Company
This is another great website to buy bulk items. The items are not only practical but fun for kids. Stock up and avoid the back to school rush in future years. 

4. Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club is a good place to buy school supplies at low prices. They also have deals during the back to school months with even lower prices. This is also a good place to shop if you need to buy something during the school year.  

5. CVS

This drug store has surprisingly good deals for school supplies. Check your local CVS ads for deals specific to your local CVS store. 

Use these DIY tips to make back to school a breeze this year! Whether your child is at home or in school for classesthese back to school tips for an easy daily home routine will help make school more structured this year. This routine will also make home clean up easier at the end of the day. Want more back to school tips? Check out our Cleaning up During School Shopping blog.

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