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Check out our blog for a monthly post on home cleaning tips, seasonal to-do lists, fun family activities and more!

  • Why Household Cleaners Love Working at Guarantee Maid Services

    Hey there! We want to shine a light on one of our most incredible house cleaners, Ms. Virginia Alexander! She's been with Guarantee Maid Services, then Guarantee Girls, since back in 1984 – that's a whopping 40 years!
  • 6 Tips to Help You Achieve Organized Chaos

    Is there an end to this house cleaning? The key is to find a system that works for you and your family.
  • What Customers Want in a Cleaning Company

    Everyone wants a clean home or work environment. But when life gets busy, maintaining that level of cleanliness can feel impossible. A cleaning service company can help with that.
  • Tips and Tricks for Removing Pet Hair in Your Home

    Living your life with a furry friend brings endless joy and unconditional love, but let's be honest, pet hair in your home can be a constant challenge.
  • Clean Air, Clear Hearts: Tips for a Healthy Home Environment

    This Valentine's Day, why not extend the theme of love to the place where it all begins – our homes? We shouldn't overlook the significance of clean air in maintaining a healthy home environment.
  • Guarantee Maid Services, Then and Now

    I’m filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the incredible milestones we’ve achieved over the years. From our humble beginnings to becoming a leading name in the cleaning service industry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this journey has been nothing short of remarkable.
  • DIY Teachers Gifts Idea

    Teachers deserve all of our gratitude for the commitment and effort they put in every day, especially during the holiday season. Following the chaos of holiday cleaning and preparation, we've put together a list of DIY teachers gifts idea to help our teachers relax and recharge.
  • Maid Services for Your Home: Should You Host Thanksgiving at Home

    we all know that hosting parties can be quite a task between preparing the house and managing the post-feast cleaning frenzy. In this blog, our professional maid services for your home will help you decide whether you should host Thanksgiving at your house, and discuss why celebrating it at home is often the best choice.
  • Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge: Guide for Halloween Cleaning

    Are you ready for a spooky Halloween in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? We all love spooky season but what scares us is the post-Halloween cleanup. We're here to guide you through the process of making your Halloween cleaning a treat, not a trick!
  • Top Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

    So you have decided to sell your home. It is a big decision that comes with a lot of emotion and a ton of preparation and work. Getting your home ready to sell is no easy task. After all, the way we live in a home is not the way we sell a home.
  • Back to School Season: Leveraging House Cleaning Services Near Me

    It's already time to send the kids back to school. Between school supply shopping, organizing schedules, and preparing lunches, the last thing we need is a messy and chaotic home. I'll let you in on a little secret I use to make my life easier – leveraging professional house cleaning services near me!
  • How to House Clean with Kids Home for the Summer

    I know how challenging it can be to keep the house clean during summer break with children at home. you can keep your home tidy and clean with a few helpful tips on how to do house cleaning during summer vacation.
  • Is House Cleaning Considered Exercise?

    We all have our busy lives, and it can be easy to find fewer and fewer hours in the day to fit in a workout. But one thing you don't want to sacrifice is your health, which is why hiring services for house cleaning has a lot of benefits! But, if you want to do it yourself, look at it...
  • What Mom Secretly Wants For Mother’s Day

    It's time for Mother's Day! A lot of people say that they want to treat their mom with gifts but they don't know what Mom wants for Mother’s Day. Maybe she’s wishing for something she hasn’t got the courage to tell you she wants… but what could that be?
  • House Cleaning Services Can Help Get Your Home Ready For a Party

    Are you hosting a party and feeling overwhelmed with the cleaning that needs to be done? Don't stress! We've got your back with our latest blog post on getting your home party-ready. From creating a cleaning checklist to tackling specific problem areas like the kitchen and bathroom, our expert tips and tricks will have your home looking spotless in no...
  • Is House Cleaning Worth It?

    Keeping a clean house is a never-ending task that requires a lot of time and effort. Many people wonder if it's really worth all the work. While it may be tempting to let things slide and live in a cluttered or dirty home, the benefits of keeping a clean house are numerous.
  • Valentine’s Cleaning Special will Save You Time & Money

    Don't let a messy home get in the way of a romantic Valentine's Day. Take advantage of our house cleaning sale and get your home ready for love. Book now and enjoy a clean and tidy home that's perfect for a romantic evening.
  • Working Out with Your Spouse

    Working out can be a lot of fun - especially if your partner wants to get fit with you. But what if they don't? Here are some "all in fun" suggestions for handling the situation!
  • Cleaning Your Holiday Decorated Home

    Every year we love to decorate, but dread having to clean all of those decorations! So, we put together some tips in cleaning your holiday decorated home.
  • Let’s Get Organized

    Guarantee Maid Services knows that an organized house is a clean house. Let's get organized this holiday season using these tips!
  • Cleaning After the Halloween Party

    Halloween is an awful mess day, from fake blood to sticky Halloween sweets! But like any type of cleaning, the sooner you do it, the sooner your place will be back to its sparkling best.
  • Organize your storage space

    Organize your storage and maximize the space the right way when you have too much stuff to make the most of it as possible.
  • 7 Tips for Cleaning Up During Back to School Shopping

    Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be a drain on your wallet. A few simple tips can help you build a budget-friendly shopping list and save big on all sorts of school supplies.
  • Guarantee Maids Take a Break from Cleaning for Some Workout Fun

    At Guarantee Maid Services we recognize the importance of having a happy and healthy employees. It benefits them and us, as well as our clients! So we decided to start offering exercise classes to our team. Nothing fancy, just time spent at our office working out!
  • Going on Vacation? Don’t Cancel the Cleaners!

    Hire someone to clean your house while you're away if you really want to relax. Having someone else clean up after your packing task may be really liberating. You have a wonderful feeling when you close the door behind you and depart, knowing that the mess you left behind will be cleaned up when you return.
  • Cleaning Survival for New Moms

    with all of the joys of motherhood, there are definitely some challenges as well. Top of the list - exhaustion! It is fine for the rest of the world to say sleep when the baby sleeps, but do they understand that that is the only time you can get anything done! After all, just because there is a new little...
  • Spring Cleaning Tips

    Some of the things I like to do in the spring time is make a list of the things I have a tendency to not get done the rest of the year. Things like putting away the winter clothes and pulling out the warm weather clothes, cleaning the closets and pantry, kitchen cabinets, range hood and air filters, as well...
  • Guarantee Maids are Cleaning for a Reason

    Here at Guarantee Maid Services, we are proud to partner with Cleaning for a Reason, a non-profit organization that provides free cleaning services for patients going through cancer treatment.
  • Are Your Ready for the Cleaners?

    Let’s think about it for a minute. When you hired your weekly or bi-weekly cleaner what did you have in mind for them to do for you? Clean your bathroom, mop, vacuum, dust? Perfect! That’s what they want to do for you!
  • 7 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

    Our time is one of the greatest gifts that we can give our children. As parents, we need to create and build lots of opportunities to spend time together. So, no matter how busy you may be always remember to hug your children and to tell them you love them, it will surprise you to see the kind of difference...
  • Keeping the House Clean – Let the Kids Help!

    Why not get the people making the mess help clean up the mess? Sure, they won’t be willing participants, however, if you think about the positive outcomes that can happen it might just be worth the battle to get their help. 
  • 10 Festive Holiday Ideas for Families

    Here we offer some ideas of things you can do to make this one of the most memorable family holidays yet! In addition to spending time with family, some of these ideas will also teach your kids some important lessons about giving back.
  • Clean Homes & Pet Life

    Pets make life so much better! Cats are independent, stubborn and like things on their own terms. But in those moments that they choose, they are cuddly, and their purr is so relaxing! Dogs, on the other hand, are generally your best friend. They are faithful, playful and snuggly. No matter whether you are a dog person, cat person or...
  • Halloween Clean Up Hacks

    Let’s face it though. Halloween clean up can be downright scary! We face challenges that require unique solutions. After all, it’s not every day that someone TP’s your tree or smashes a pumpkin on your front step. These clean up tasks can be time consuming and a bit of a challenge! But don’t worry, because we here at Guarantee Maid...
  • Halloween Decorating Yard Prep

    Halloween is one of the best times to decorate your yard. Halloween decorating isn't limited to one choice - you can do just about anything! And with a little preparation, it can all be done in no time.
  • 10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

    There is so much to do to prepare that it can be overwhelming. But doing a few simple things can make the difference in how well your home withstands the storm and how quickly you can return to it once the storm passes.
  • Breathe Easy with Clean Air Filters

    Did you know that frequently changing your filters can help maintain your health, the value of your home, and even your finances? How does it do that? Read more inside...
  • 6 Cleaning Tools That Make Cleaning Easy

    When thinking of cleaning, what words come to mind? Are they words like: Time-consuming? Duty? Draining? Chore? We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Equipped with the right cleaning tools, cleaning actually becomes simple and can even become fun!
  • Top 10 Reasons To Choose Us As Your Professional Cleaning Service

    As the best professional cleaners in Baton Rouge, there are many reasons why you should choose Guarantee Maid Services! Here are 10 of our favorites.
  • Cleaning Your Pool Like a Pro

    Pool season is here! A good reason to cheer — unless your pool is a mess and needs A LOT of TLC before it’s swimmable. Lucky for you, we’re here with all sorts of cleaning tips to get your pool sparkling clean.
  • 7 Everyday Uses for Dryer Sheets

    We love a good cleaning hack, and this is a great one! Dryer sheets aren’t just for laundry! They can be surprisingly useful in tackling other areas of your home. Here are 7 everyday uses for dryer sheets that you can use in your home today!
  • 5 Reasons Why Our Cleaning Team Is the Best

    Our team has always been dedicated to giving you the clean home of your dreams. Our employees are the best in the business and they always strive to clean your home with care. In honor of Employee Appreciation Day and all of our great employees, here are the best things about our team at Guarantee Maid Services!
  • 4 Reasons Why the Gift of House Cleaning is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift

    Struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Never fear, your search is over! There’s no better way to say “I love you” than to give the gift of a clean home. Guarantee Maid Services offers gift cards for all our house cleaning services. Check out our top 4 reasons why a clean house makes the BEST Valentine’s Day gift!
  • Green House, Clean House: How Plants Keep Your Home Clean

    Green House, Clean House: How Plants Keep Your Home Clean I love plants! Taking care of these little pieces of nature brings joy to a lot of people, including myself! But did you know that house plants can help make your home a cleaner space? That’s right! Despite the dirt, plants contribute to an overall sense of well-being in your home and spark some different cleaning methods that help make your home...
  • 5 Steps to Organize Your Holiday Decor

    5 Steps to Organize Your Holiday Decor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl5D-n5CXUw The decoration organization of your dreams! The best time to hit reset on your decorations is when you’re using them. By taking the time this year to organize and properly store your decorations, you’ll save yourself time and money next year.Use our 5 steps to organize your holiday decor and live your best-organized life today! 1....
  • Plan For Your Holidays Now!

    Plan For Your Holidays Now! Is your holiday to-do list as long as Santa's naughty and nice list? Our Thanksgiving schedule filled up fast, so we have some huge time saver tips for the holidays to help you plan for your holidays now!1. Check your holiday schedule now and make sure you don’t miss your regularly scheduled cleaning over the holidays.If...
  • Keeping Your Kitchen Clean During the Holidays

    Keeping Your Kitchen Clean During the Holidays While a big Thanksgiving meal can be fun, it can also be super stressful! Making a big meal usually means dealing with a big mess and lots of clean up afterwards. Whether you’re expecting company this year or planning a meal for just your immediate family, these tips work for all kitchen scenarios! Minimize...
  • How to Organize Your Halloween Decorations

    How to Keep Your Halloween Decorations Organized At Guarantee Maid Services, we love Halloween! But when it comes to decorations, it can be a challenge to keep them all organized. Putting your decorations away properly at the end of each holiday can save SO much time when you bring them out next year! Today I’m sharing seven tips on how to...
  • How to Relax This September

    How to Relax This September Labor Day weekend is always a great time to relax and spend time with family after the school year begins. After holiday weekends though, it can be easy to forget to relax and spend quality time with loved ones, especially during busy and uncertain seasons like this one. Today I’m sharing seven tips on how to...
  • Ready For Fall: Getting Organized for Colder Weather

    Ready For Fall: Getting Organized for Colder Weather This post is Part 2 in our series on getting your home ready for fall! If you didn’t tackle the list from our last blog, there’s still time! Here are some more ideas for September to help you get organized and continue to transition your home from summer to fall. 1. Prep your yard and lawn care...
  • Ready For Fall: 5 Ways to Prep for the Fall Season

    Ready For Fall: 5 Ways to Prep for the Fall Season  Transitioning from season to season means tackling some potentially neglected areas of your home. Since there’s so much to do to transition from summer, this blog is Part 1 in a two-part series on preparing your home for fall and doing fall clean up. So, keep enjoying that summer heat but get a jump on the...
  • Back to School Tips for an Easy Daily Home Routine

    Back to School Tips for an Easy Daily Home Routine  While a new school year can be exciting, the daily routine can also be stressful. This school year will also look very different for everyone. With all the changes to the way schools will be running, the daily routine needs to be more manageable than ever.  Keeping the daily school routine will be important, regardless of whether your child is at school or at home for...
  • Staycations Are the New Vacations!

    Staycations Are the New Vacations!  Not able to travel this month? No worries because staycations are the new vacations! Below are 10 places around Baton Rouge and New Orleans that the whole family can enjoy.We recommend calling the locations or checking their websites ahead of time to confirm the opening hours, as well as any protocols around health and safety so that you can arrive prepared for your visit!  Previous Next LSU Museum...
  • Four Ways to Clean Up and Enjoy Your Home This Summer

    Four Ways to Clean Up and Enjoy Your Home This Summer You’ve heard about spring cleaning, but what about summer cleaning? Take advantage of the fresh air and great weather when tackling your house cleaning to-do list. Here are four ways to keep your home clean during the summer months so you can clean less and relax more! 1. De-clutter and Donate(or Sell!) Are messy closets and a disorganized garage driving you crazy when you’re trying...
  • Top Ten Tips For The Best Beach Vacation

    Top Ten Tips For The Best Beach Vacation Heading to the beach can be a stressful adventure, especially when little kids are involved! We hope that our top ten tips will help you plan this summer for the best beach vacation ever!Research the town before travelingIt is important to know the town and activities in it. Make sure to get familiar...
  • Tips for Cleaning Pollen this Summer

    Tips for Cleaning Pollen This Summer Now that the school year has ended, home school is over and summer is finally here. There is no better way to prepare for a fun-filled summer than to have a clean home. There are some aspects of summer that can make cleaning tedious. One of those things is pollen. If you let pollen accumulate it...
  • Safer House Cleaning Just in Time for Summer

    Now that Louisiana is re-opening, we are offering full services once again. Here are a few ways that we are adjusting in order to protect you and your family, as well as our team.
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