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Cleaning Services in the News

Who We Are

Guarantee Maid Services has been a highly successful, family-run cleaning service business in Baton Rouge for over 40 years. It is now co-owned by Lauren Adams and her mother, who started the company a few months after she brought Lauren into the world. The pictures say it all — this is a fun company to work for and its clients are enthusiastic about the service they receive from such a happy crew.

Lauren’s family has deep roots in the cleaning service industry, with her father starting a carpet cleaning business over a decade prior to her mother launching Guarantee Maid Services residential and commercial cleaning

woman wearing gloves cleaning a window
Cleaning for a reason for cancer patients

Cleaning For A Reason

Here at Guarantee Maid Services , we are proud to partner with Cleaning for a Reason, a non-profit organization that provides free cleaning services for patients and their family going through cancer treatment. Having a clean environment provides a sense of peace and promotes health and healing, which is so important for people battling cancer. If we can do our part to give them that safe, clean environment, then we are excited to be able to do so!

Guarantee Maid Services on Fox 44 News!

We’ve partnered with Cleaning For A Reason to provide cancer patients with clean homes while they are undergoing treatment.  It’s such a great cause that Fox 44 News decided to give us a little attention and cover the story of one of our recovered clients. We’re so grateful to Fox 44 News and to our client for taking the time to raise awareness for Cleaning For A Reason.  

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We'll Clean It For You

Everybody loves leftovers, no one loves to clean the microwave after you’re done warming them up.  Don’t worry about it, we’ll clean it for you!

The Guarantee Maid Services Experience

We know how valuable your time is. We keep our prices competitive and we pay close attention to giving your hope the most thorough cleaning you could hope for. 
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