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Cleaning Your Holiday Decorated Home

Who doesn’t love the holidays and decorating for them? There are so many options out there so you can create any look you want. In our family we decorate for every occasion both inside and out! We love going through all of the decorations and deciding what will go where and if we will do it the same as last year or change it up a bit.

Since we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in our house, that means our home has a plethora of decor for both celebrations, meaning twice the decorations to clean around. We are of the opinion that you should either “go big or go home” so our home, inside and out, is absolutely covered in holiday decorations.

Want a glimpse into my family’s Hanukkah/Christmas set up and traditions? Be sure to check out our video below.

Cleaning your decorated home sm

But what about cleaning it all?

Because we have so many decorations, it can make cleaning them and around them a challenge. Now, I am lucky because I have my team from Guarantee Maids come in and do my cleaning, but what about those of you who don’t have that option?

Let me share some holiday cleaning tips that my team uses when they clean not just my home, but our customers’ homes as well.

1.) Clean BEFORE you put any decorations out

This one will make your life so much easier. If everything under, above and around the decorations has been cleaned before any decorations are put out, then you cut the work in half.

2.) Use a Microfiber duster

Get in and around those decorations to clean the nooks and crannies using a microfiber duster. If it has an extension handle, even better. That will allow you to reach those higher spots without disturbing the decorations below them. Remember when you are dusting that you should always start at the top and work your way down.

3.) Give the stair railing a good cleaning

There are areas of your home that, although clean, don’t always get the detailed attention they deserve. For instance, stair railings. Since they are a popular spot to hang garland and bows, it is important to make sure that they are gleaming. After all, they are going from being a spot no one really notices to a centerpiece. Check out the best ways to clean stair railings here.

4.) Before you hang your wreath

We love to decorate our front door with a gorgeous wreath to welcome family and friends and celebrate the season. Make it pop by ensuring that the door and window behind it are nice and clean. If your door has a window, the sun will reflect off of it (so will lights if your wreath has them) adding to the festive look!

5.) Cleaning around the Christmas Tree

This one can be a challenge as gifts build up under it, so it may be best to make sure that you have wiped down the walls and washed the floor before the tree goes up and the presents start piling up. That way it should be good for a few weeks until after Christmas is over.

More holiday cleaning tips

I hope this helps with your holiday cleaning. For more great tips on cleaning during the holidays, but sure to take a look at our Keeping the Kitchen Clean during the Holidays blog. Need a bit of help taking care of the holiday cleaning? We still have a bit of room in our schedule, so feel free to give us a call at 225-338-4060 or fill out our quote form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch asap.

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