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Cleaning Your Pool Like a Pro

Cleaning Your Pool

Pool season is here! A good reason to cheer — unless your pool is a mess and needs A LOT of TLC before it’s swimmable. Maybe your pool needs more than just a scrub down. It’s not house cleaning, but lucky for you, we’re here with all sorts of cleaning tips to get your pool sparkling clean. Start cleaning your pool like a pro!

1. Use a magic eraser to get all that gunk out of the poolside filters and drains.

Magic Erasers really are magic! They are one of our favorite cleaning products for inside and outside the home. Use a Magic Eraser to get all that gunk and build up out of your filters and drains. The great thing about Magic Erasers is that it is powerful enough to remove any buildup but soft enough that it won’t damage the surface youre cleaning.   

cleaning your pool like a pro

2. Use diluted vinegar to remove calcium scaling or other build up.

Vinegar has always been a miracle cleaner for your home. It’s also the miracle cleaner for your pool! Combine white vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Grab a clean scrub brush and get to work on those tile edges, ladders, steps, or anywhere else that there’s calcium scaling or build up. Give it a rinse and watch it all melt away!

3. Toss a few tennis balls into your pool to soak up surface oils. 

Cleaning your pool like a pro! Once all the swimming fun begins, oils from skin, sunscreen, and soap run off inevitably leech into the water. To combat these surface oils dirtying your water, tennis balls are your answer! Chuck a few new tennis balls into your skimmer basket or even right into the pool to soak up all the oiland keep your water fresh and clear.  

4. Line your skimmer basket with a nylon stocking.

 Skimmer baskets are great for cleaning out your pool but this is one way to make them even better! 
A nylon stocking is fine enough to catch the little stuff and make daily cleaning a breeze. We recommend skimming every day because an easy but thorough daily cleaning makes a heavy deep cleaning easier down the road.

cleaning your pool like a pro

 5. Clean your filter more frequently. 

We’re sure you know that cleaning your filter is one of the most important pool care tasks. But how often are you cleaning your filter? A regularly cleaned filter keeps your pool in crystal clear shape by helping with circulation and pool chemicals properly, but proper and regular cleanings will also extend the life of your filter. 

Not sure how to clean your filter? Check out this helpful guide on cleaning different kinds of filters

6. Run your pool pump regularly.

Good water circulation is the last word in pool care. Without proper water circulation, you’ll end up with a cloudy, gross, unswimmable mess. Run your pool pump for at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Ideally, you could run it all the time, but if you’re looking for a more affordable ballpark, 8 to 10 hours is a good range. You can also run it at night since many areas charge lower electricity rates during evening and nighttime hours.   

If you have a pro clean pool hack that we missed, feel free to send us your tips! Or show us yours before and after pics of your pool too! We’d love to hear from you, add it to the comments below or send us a note with your pics!  

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