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Construction Cleaning

For our New Construction Cleaning we use a 3-step process when hand wiping surfaces to ensure that we are removing all of the construction dust.

Step 1

Damp Wipe

Step 2

Disinfect and Sanitize All Bathrooms

Step 3

General Areas of the Home

**Additional Services** 
*Steam Mopping to clean floors more thoroughly

A clean place is a safe place!

Why Choose Guarantee Maid Services as Your Fogging Service Provider?

We’ve been cleaning homes and offices for more than 35 years! As a result, we have a reputation of having a hard-working team that is dedicated and commitmented to excellence.

Not only do we strive to be the best cleaning company in Baton Rouge, but we also maintain our registrations with the Better Business Bureau and ARCSI who hold us to world-class business and cleaning standards.

Your family or business can rely on Guarantee Maid Services.

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