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get your home ready for a party

House Cleaning Services Can Help Get Your Home Ready For a Party

House Cleaning Services are a great way to go when getting your home ready for a party!  But what if you just want to do it yourself? Easy right? Just straighten up a bit, throw some snacks in a few bowls and if cake is required, stop by the bakery on your way home from work. Easy peasy!

Ok…if you believe that I’ve got some oceanfront land in Arizona I want to sell you! Nothing is ever that easy. Least of all getting your home ready for a party. There is so much to do to make sure it is just the way you want it. 

  • What’s your theme?
  • What decor items do you need?
  • Who will decorate?
  • Who will clean?
  • Food???
  • Guest list?
  • SOOO much more


Getting your home ready for a party is clearly about more than just making your house ready. But having a clean and organized home when guests arrive is one of the most important and biggest jobs on the list. I’m sure husbands everywhere will argue that food is most important. But if your kitchen is a wreck, who is going to want to eat anything that comes out of it?

Our tips for getting your home ready for a party

Here is our Guarantee Maids’ time tested “to do” list to get your home ready for a party. We clean lots of homes for lots of different reasons and lots of different people. But one thing is always the same. People want their home to sparkle when people are coming over.

1.) First impressions are what will stick with your guests

Make sure the entry is clean, bright, clutter-free and welcoming. Some essential oils in a diffuser or wax melts in an electric warmer can give your room a light, fresh scent that isn’t too overpowering.

2.) Bathrooms talk

Make sure yours is saying nice things, and that your guests are too! No one wants to be judged on their bathroom, so make sure it gets a thorough cleaning before everyone arrives. Another must have is some “Just a Drop” to make sure no one has a negative smell experience.

3.) Dust like you’ve never dusted before

When getting your home ready for a party, you want to ensure that guests won’t be talking about the dust level on your buffet instead of what a great party you host. Easy to use dusters with a light spray of your favorite furniture cleaner will have your furniture inviting guest critiques instead of insults!

4.) The Kitchen!

Need I say more? This room takes a beating before, during and after the party. So make sure yours is up to the task. Have plenty of dish soap, towels and sanitizer on hand. Have the dishwasher empty and ready for action, and have the fridge stocked with ice, drinks and food. Before the party starts, give the counters, sink, fridge and stove a thorough wipe down – using disposable, disinfecting wipes is a quick and easy way to make sure your counters are clean and gives the room a fresh, clean scent as well.

5.) Patio Time

Two important things to any good party are out in the yard. The grill and the pool! When getting your home ready for a party, you need to make sure these areas are clean and inviting. Not only is this the place that many will want to gather, it can also handle any overflow from the house. Make sure the patio has plenty of seating and a cooler filled with ice and drinks! A few days before the party, give the pool a thorough cleaning and shine up the grill to get ready to cook!

6.) Save yourself some time and hire GUARANTEE MAID SERVICES

To do a deep clean prior to your party. We will take care of all of the house cleaning while you do the rest of the things to get your home ready for a party!

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