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Going on Vacation? Dont Cancel the Cleaners!

Are you all packed and ready for vacation? Picked up all those last-minute items you need before you head out for a vacation? Do you have someone to pick up your mail? Taken the dog to the sitter? Cleaned out the fridge? Canceled the paper? Then you are almost set I’d say! If you aren’t sure, be sure to check out this handy checklist for preparing your home for your vacation.

Oh, but wait! Did you contact your cleaning company to let them know you would be out of town? They will need to be aware of the extra little things to look out for while you’re away. Ohhh….you were planning to cancel the cleaners while you were gone weren’t you? After all, how dirty can a house get when nobody is there? The truth is it gets dirtier than you might think!

Just think about it for a minute. While you are gone the dust still builds up, the water ring in the toilet still magically appears, and what if you did forget to clean something out of the fridge, or take the garbage out. Do you really want that to still be there when you get home?? Yuck! I didn’t think so!

When a house is left vacant for extended periods of time, it may begin to smell stale. This smell is caused by a lack of air circulation. The longer the house remains with closed doors and windows and no exhaust fans, the more noticeable the smell will become, and it may be made worse by older carpets and furniture or rooms that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned. Is this the welcome home you were hoping for from your home after a vacation?

Other Benefits

Having your cleaning company come in for regular cleaning while you away have other benefits you may not have even considered.

meet your home insurance requirement while you're on vacation

Insurance Check

Most insurance companies now require that you have someone in to check on your home while you are away or your insurance isn’t valid. Some even insist that you have the people sign and date when they were there. By having your cleaning company come in weekly, that is one less day you have to try to find someone to check the house for you!

Theft Deterrent

When potential thieves see activity around your property, they are less likely to make your home the target of a potential break in. Seeing a home where no one is coming and going for an extended period is like an open invitation to make you their next victim. Learn more about how potential burglars choose their targets.

theft deterrent while on vacation
While on vacation, consider us as your security

Security Check

Our team of cleaning professionals will also notice things like windows cracked open that shouldn’t be, any leaks that may have occurred or even something as simple as the load of wet laundry that you forgot in the washing machine before you left. 

By having us come in to clean your home while you are away on a vacation, you are really ensuring that you are coming home to a fresh, clean home and adding an extra layer of security to protect your home while you are gone. So don’t cancel your cleaning when you head off on vacation this year. Instead, reap the benefits of having us clean and help protect your home while you are away!

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