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Green House, Clean House: How Plants Keep Your Home Clean

I love plants! Taking care of these little pieces of nature brings joy to a lot of people, including myself! But did you know that house plants can help make your home a cleaner spaceThat’s right! Despite the dirt, plants contribute to an overall sense of well-being in your home and spark some different cleaning methods that help make your home cleaner overall. Today we’re sharing how plants keep your home clean and make it more enjoyable space! 

1. Plants help you stick to your cleaning routine.

If you didn’t know this already, plants need to be cleaned too! Dust buildup on leaves is unhealthy for the plant and needs to be cleaned off on a regular basis. Chances are that if you see your plants need dusting, you’ll do a quick sweep of their entire area while you’re at it. In a way, plants keep you accountable to keeping your home tidy! When you care for your plants, you care for your home too. Make this task easy by doing a Sunday plant pool party to wash all your plants down and do their weekly watering at the same time!how plants keep your home clean

2. House plants can sometimes be kept outside.

One other way to keep your home especially clean is to store your plants outside! If you live in a warm enough climate like we do here in Baton Rouge, then a greenhouse can be the perfect solution for keeping all of your little plant buddies happy and healthy while keeping your home clean. Check out the video above to see my greenhouse set-up! 

3. House plants don’t clean the air — but they do have other health benefits! 

Contrary to popular belief, plants don’t purify the air in your home as much as you may have believed. A 2019 study showed that you would need to have between 10 and 10,000 plants per square foot of space to match the capabilities of building air systems or even the effects of simply opening a couple windows in your home.  

Despite that myth-busting news, some plants do have other health benefits. Aloe vera is good for a number of topical skin treatments, and a variety of herb plants can be grown inside and used in recipes or tea. Click here to check out some of the health benefits of common herbs. (And don’t forget to check with your doctor or health practitioner before consuming some of these medicinal plants!) 

how plants keep your home clean

 4. Plants often bring a sense of overall well-being.

All plant lovers know that having a few plants in the house brings a feeling of joy! Whether you need a spark of energy and green in your home office, a happy little plant in

 the kitchen window over the sink, or a brush of fresh natural elements in your bathroom, plants brighten up any space in your home. Taking care of plants is relaxing and brings a calming element to your daily routines. 

Plants are great for so many things! What is your favorite house plant? 

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