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how to relax this september

How to Relax This September

Labor Day weekend is always a great time to relax and spend time with family after the school year begins. After holiday weekends though, it can be easy to forget to relax and spend quality time with loved ones, especially during busy and uncertain seasons like this one. Today I’m sharing seven tips on how to relax this September and keep the spirit of Labor Day alive, even after the holiday is over.

1. Listen to calming music on the way home.

After a busy day at work, it is easy to take that stress home with you—or allow it to blend into home life if you’re working from home! To help release the pressure of work, listen to calming music on the commute home. Spotify has great pre-made commuting playlists to help you relax. Using your commute—or even a post-work walk—to relax and unwind will help you have more focused quality time with family. If you’re currently working from home, develop a post-work ritual that helps you create space between “work time” and “home time”.

2. Mediate for a few minutes.

Meditation is a simple and effective way to calm the mind and body. When feeling stressed, sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and repeat a positive message to yourself. Try to focus on your breath and tune out any surrounding noise. Click this link to explore some different ways to meditate.


3. Put the phone down.

Cell phones and social media make it easier to connect with one another, but this isn’t always a positive thing when it’s time to unplug! It is okay to not answer emails immediately. Avoid scrolling through Facebook instead of spending time with family. Keep your phones away from the dinner table at night and limit your screen time every day.

4. Drink a lot of water. And then drink some more.

It is easy to consume large amounts of caffeine from coffee or soft drinks during busy workdays. Try to drink at least 32 ounces of water before consuming any kind of caffeine. This will help you stay awake naturally during the day and avoid a caffeine crash in the afternoon. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and feel energized.

5. Keep a stress ball handy.

Keep a stress ball at your desk for a quick and easy way to reduce stress while at work. When you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed, squeeze the ball five to 10 times to immediately reduce some stress.

6. Exercise regularly and move everyday .

Exercising has been proven to reduce stress and boost endorphins. Whether it’s going for a walk in the morning before you leave for work, hitting the gym right after work, or doing a family workout before dinner, get active and sweat it out. Create a workout plan that works for you.

7. Get a massage.

Massages aren’t just a luxury spa activity! Massages have many common benefits in addition to helping release pressure and stress points in your body. Tell your masseuse where you tend to hold your stress or what areas need some extra attention. Go as frequently as needed and feel your stress melt away!

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