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Is House Cleaning Considered Exercise?

Sweating It Out with Services for House Cleaning

Have you ever thought of house cleaning exercise? A clean and tidy home has long been considered a necessity that contributes to good health, comfort, and happiness. But we all have our busy lives, and it can be easy to find fewer and fewer hours in the day to fit in a workout. There’s no doubt that house cleaning can be a difficult task to fit into that schedule. But one thing you don’t want to sacrifice is your health, which is why hiring services for house cleaning has a lot of benefits! But, if you want to do it yourself, look at it as the perfect opportunity to clock in some workout time! 

With our years of expertise in house cleaning, we decided to put together all the house cleaning tasks and factors that make house cleaning an excellent form of exercise and one that will help you achieve both your physical and mental health goals in one fell swoop.

Sweating It Out

There are many ways house cleaning can be considered as a form of exercise. Some of the health benefits of house cleaning exercise are:

Cleaning as a Form of Exercise: 

A. Sweeping: Use your upper body and core muscles to vigorously sweep debris off of carpets and floors. Maintain excellent form while adding in lunges or squats for an additional leg workout.

B. Vacuuming: Pushing and moving a vacuum cleaner helps strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles and increases your cardiovascular endurance. Increase the difficulty by lunging or speed walking while vacuuming various areas. 

C. Mopping: Mopping helps develop your arms, legs, and core muscles by involving your complete body in a rhythmic motion. As you move across the floor, maintain proper posture and do lunges or squats.

D. Scrubbing: Vigorous scrubbing works your arm and shoulder muscles, giving your upper body an excellent workout, whether you’re cleaning the bathtub, countertops, or floors. To divide the work equally, concentrate on making circular motions and switching arms.

house cleaning exercise - Scrubbing

Now that you realize that cleaning is definitely exercise, be sure to check out our own Guarantee Maids CEO, Lauren, showing you how it’s done in the video below. Hilarious!

Calorie Burning and Weight Loss:

Cleaning your home on a regular basis can be a terrific way to burn calories and promote weight loss. The more time you spend cleaning, the more calories you burn and the more benefits you gain. To get the most potential for calorie burning, keep your movements deliberate and move at a quick speed. You can turn on some upbeat music to get your body moving and get you motivated.

Flexibility and Range of Motion are Strengthened:

While cleaning, you can increase your flexibility and range of motion by bending, reaching, and stretching. When you move your body in various directions when performing tasks like dusting high surfaces, washing windows, or organizing shelves, you promote joint mobility and prevent stiffness.

Mood and Emotional Health:

Endorphins, or the “feel-good” hormones, are released when we exercise, like we do when we clean the house. Maintaining a clean home can make you feel accomplished, lower your stress levels, and improve your mood. Your mental and emotional health can benefit from a neat and tidy environment.

The Job of Professional House Cleaning Services:

Even while deep cleaning your home can be a good workout, it’s reasonable that time restraints and other obligations may prevent you from doing it as frequently as you might like. Professional services for house cleaning can help you with this. You may ensure a complete and effective cleaning routine by hiring professionals in services for house cleaning, leaving you more time and energy to concentrate on other areas of your life.

Although it has many advantages for both the body and the mind, house cleaning is frequently overlooked as exercise. Of course, it’s important to remember that house cleaning shouldn’t be your only form of exercise. It’s still important to engage in other forms of physical activity, like going for a walk or hitting the gym, in order to get a well-rounded workout and keep your body healthy. If you’re short on time, think about how hiring services for house cleaning can benefit you – like hiring Guarantee Maid Services to keep your house tidy and organized while you concentrate on your general health. Let’s embrace the notion of working up a sweat while making a pristine haven for ourselves! Keep in mind to pay attention to your body and be aware of your limitations. 

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