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Keeping Your Kitchen Clean During the Holidays

keeping your kitchen clean during the holidays

While a big Thanksgiving meal can be fun, it can also be super stressful! Making a big meal usually means dealing with a big mess and lots of clean up afterwards. Whether you’re expecting company this year or planning a meal for just your immediate family, these tips work for all kitchen scenarios! Minimize the aftermath of big dinners by following these 7 tips on keeping your kitchen clean during the holidays.

1. Create a cleaning schedule.

Part of the kitchen stress during the holidays is feeling like the rest of the house is neglected! Stay on top of things by cleaning one area of the house every day the week leading to the event. Even if you’re not expecting any company this year, a schedule will help you stay on top of family messes. If you are expecting guests, tackle the high traffic areas the day before they arrive so those spaces are fresh. If you use a cleaning service, make sure you contact them in advance to schedule your cleaning!

2. Create a menu and shopping list.

While most families have their traditional foods every year, it’s still a good idea to write out a menu. That way you won’t forget any ingredients or buy duplicate items when making your shopping list. Creating a menu and shopping list will also keep the fridge and pantry organized and well-stocked with all the essentials for your meal right at your fingertips. No more dashing out to the store at the last minute for that one thing you forgot!

Kids baking in the kitchen

3. Do your baking in advance.

I find it helpful to do my baking a couple of weeks before the holidays when I have more time. I bake items that can be frozen easily. Then I take them out of the freezer the morning of our family meal so they’re ready to serve at dessert time! If you’re into pies during Thanksgiving, here are some tips for making and storing pies ahead of time.

4. Separate the preparation time and cooking time.

Prepare as much of the meal as possible ahead of time. That way on the day of, all you need to do is put those dishes in the oven. This frees up time for other dishes that need to be made the same day of your meal. It might also give you more time to relax and enjoy time with your family or guests!

5. Run AND empty the dishwasher.

Run your dishwasher and clean all your dishes before your big meal. You don’t want to be scrambling for plates and silverware when setting the table, so make sure you have all your dishes clean and ready to go. This will also minimize the clean up after dinner as your dishwasher will have space for all the dirty dishes. Just toss them in, turn it on, and your clean-up work is half-done!

6. Clean as you go.

If you wipe up spills and wash dishes as you go, you won’t have as much to clean up when you’re done cooking! I love using Clorox cleaning wipes to wipe up spills. If your kids are helping you prepare the meal, assign them to dish duty to keep things moving.

7. Layer garbage bags in the trash can.

Your household will probably throw away a lot of trash over the holidays—more than usual anyway! Layering your trash can with garbage bags means it will already be lined with a fresh bag every time you take out the trash! Also, be sure to empty the recycling bins and line your trash can with a fresh garbage bag before dinner prep starts.

Whatever your holidays look like this year, Guarantee Maid Services is here to help! Want more time to enjoy the holidays? Let Guarantee Maid Services give you your weekends back by helping with your cleaning needs. Call us today at 225-756-3900 or click here to get a quote so you can clean less and enjoy the holidays more!