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Let's Get Organized!

The decoration organization of your dreams!

The best time to hit reset on your decorations is when you’re using them. By taking the time this year to organize and properly store your decorations, you’ll save yourself time and money next year.

Use our 5 steps to organize your holiday decor and live your best-organized life today!

decoration storage

1. Give it some time!

When the holiday is over, devote some time to sorting through all your holiday decorations before putting them away in storage for the year. This is a great opportunity to purge decorations that you aren’t loving anymore or are worn out. Donate items in good condition and recycle what you can.

2. Categorize, categorize, categorize

Categorize your holiday decorations in a way that makes them easy to find. Maybe you have a big collection of a certain item. Store all of these items together so that you can find them easily and so you can also see what you own. (Part of being organized is knowing what you already have.) Or maybe you can organize decorations by room. Keep the living room items together, etc. Whatever system you use, make sure it works for you!

3. Grab some storage supplies

You don’t have to get fancy with storage solutions but sometimes it really helps! Storage bins or baskets keep your items organized, protected and condensed. You can only keep what you have room for! Storage bins and baskets can be tucked away on a shelf or in a storage space to keep them out of the way the rest of the year. We recommend clear plastic bins because they allow you to see the contents of each bin from the outside and protect the decorations from dust and damage. Click here to see some of the best storage bins.

4. Make it useful and make it pretty!

Clearly label the sides and top of the bin so that your decorations are easy to find next year. Label the bins by whatever categories you decided to use to sort your decorations. Did you know that labels can be just as pretty as your decorations?! Click here for some free printable labels! Make a list of the contents of each bin and post the list somewhere on or in the box

5. Use a shed or garage for larger outdoor decorations.

Outdoor decorations can be cleaned and stored in a shed or garage. Storing your outdoor items in a different space also helps separate your outdoor and indoor items. The same rules of organization apply here! If they are smaller outdoor items, keep them organized in labelled bins. Here are some tips for keeping your outdoor spaces organized.

Follow these 5 steps to organize your holiday decor and enjoy the benefits every year! Once you create a good system that works for you, decorating for the holidays will be a breeze.

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