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Office Cleaning Services

Let your office look its best everyday!

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Guarantee Maid Services Baton Rouge has been providing reliable, outstanding office cleaning services for over 35 years. This means that you can rely on us to maintain a consistently clean, healthy and well-kept workplace environment for your business facility, every day. In fact, you’ll have the cleanest business in Baton Rouge, our reputation relies on it!

Office Cleaning Services Take Teamwork

Our highly trained cleaning professionals are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations. Through clear communication and teamwork, we provide office cleaning services exactly the way you like, day in and day out.

We Clean Your Office Right The First Time

The cleanliness and image of your workplace is not only important to your employees, it’s important to your existing and future customers and guests. That’s why we place the highest priority on doing the job right the first time, and every time.  

Keep Your Office Clean

We offer daily, multiple days per week, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedules because every business is different. 

At Guarantee Maid Services we build your custom cleaning schedule so that you only pay for services you need AND you have the cleanest business in all of Baton Rouge! 

While every business is unique, we start with a base plan and we build from there.

Our base office cleaning plans include:

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Get a quote or call us and our friendly office team will help you get started with your custom office cleaning plan

Why Choose Guarantee Maid Services for Office Cleaning?

We’ve been cleaning homes and offices for more than 35 years!  As a result, we have a reputation of hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence. 

Not only do we strive daily, to be the best cleaning company in Baton Rouge but we also maintain our registrations with the Better Business Bureau and ARCSI who hold us to world class business and cleaning standards. 

Your business can rely on Guarantee Maid Services

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