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5 Reasons Why Our Team Is the Best

Guarantee Maids Cleaning team are the best

Last week was Employee Appreciation Day which got us to thinking about all the amazing things about our cleaning team! We wanted to share some the best things about our team – and there are many!

Our cleaning team has always been dedicated to giving you the clean home of your dreams. Our employees are the best in the business and they always strive to clean your home with care. We want to make your space the best it can be!

So, in honor of Employee Appreciation Day and all of our great employees, here are the best things about our cleaning team at Guarantee Maid Services!

1. Our employees are hardworking.

Our employees are known for their dedication and commitment to their work. They put 110% into every home or office they clean. Guarantee Maid Services has earned our position as your trusted house cleaning experts through our cleaning team’s constant hard work – since 1983!

We are so thankful to be a trusted service provider in our community here in Baton Rouge. And we know we got there because of our hard working cleaning teams that strive to clean beyond your expectations.

our team is the best

2. Our cleaners have an eye for detail.

Our employees have been thoroughly trained and they each develop their own sense of perfection. They have a keen eye for detail and use this skill to find the areas of your home that need a little extra attention.

Whether it’s doing a little extra straightening or getting into that narrow spot that has been missed, we know the little things go a long way! Our cleaning team sees the little things and we make the most of our time cleaning your home.

3. Our employees bring their best every day.

Our trained employees have one goal: to wow our customers by exceeding expectations and going a step above what has become the norm in the cleaning industry. Prior to joining the Guarantee Maid Services cleaning team, our cleaners undergo a thorough interview and training process to ensure that each employee will positively contribute to our culture of quality.

That’s why our employees bring their best each and every day to every house and office space they clean! They are always ready to take on the next job and do it well. Their dedication to their work shows in their daily efforts to make your home or office the best it can be.

4. Our cleaners care a lot about you, our clients!

Our clients are so happy and comfortable with our cleaners because our cleaning team puts in the effort to get to know our clients. Our clients trust our team so much that 65% of our clients give us a key to their home to make cleaning easier for us!

Our team members go the extra mile to show their care for every client they work for, including cleaning to our clients’ preferences. Our employees are committed to treating our customers with the kind of respect, care, and appreciation we all value.

our team is the best

5. Our employees know how to have fun and celebrate life’s milestones.

Behind the scenes at Guarantee Maid Services, we love to celebrate each other’s milestones. Be it a birthday or anniversary, we understand the importance of life’s special moments!

We know that’s true for our clients as well! That’s why we offer event cleaning services so our cleaning team can add an extra clean touch to your special occasion. Our employees make sure that you get to celebrate your own milestones in the best way with your friends and loved ones. Leave the clean-up to our team and enjoy your event to the fullest.

We might be biased, but we think our cleaning team is the BEST team! But don’t just read about why our team is the best – experience it for yourself!

Call us today to book a home or office cleaning and see for yourself why our team makes us so proud! Get a quote today and let us give you your weekends back.