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Adjusting to a new “normal” – Providing Safer House Cleaning for you

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Now that Louisiana is at the point of reopening the economy, we, too, are opening our full schedule, with safer cleaning practices to protect you and your family!

Along with all of you, we are adjusting to this “new normal” and taking many precautions to

  • Protect our employees
  • Protect our clients
  • Provide a safer healthier house cleaning experience for every client.

AND we’ll give you your weekends back!

safer house cleaning

Our new “normal” includes the following safety precautions:

  • All staff will wear gloves from the time they open the door to the time they finish cleaning, providing a safer cleaning environment for all.
  • We will use an all-purpose cleaner to sanitize all surfaces we typically clean throughout your home. (Counter tops, bathroom surfaces, refrigerator handle, etc.)
  • Disinfect all high touch areas like door knobs and light switches throughout the entire home of all of our customers every time we clean.
  • Social Distancing. We do everything we can to limit unnecessary face to face interactions for our staff.  We ask every employee to be vigilant in keeping a safe distance no matter where they are.
  • If a cleaner is experiencing flu-like symptoms, not feeling well, or around anyone that has flu-like symptoms or sick, they have been instructed to stay home. We thank you for your patience if we have to reschedule your cleaning to accommodate the gap in our schedule.

Offering added Sanitization Service for homes and offices for those who would like them.  Our sanitization service is less costly than a full house cleaning visit but takes care of disinfecting all of your highest touch point areas to reduce the spread of all bacteria as much as possible.

We have a few asks of you as we enter into our re-opening:

  • If you have been to Europe, or any high-risk country recently, we ask that we not clean your home for at least 14 days after your arrival in the US.
  • Please call to cancel your cleaning if you or a family member are experiencing flu-like symptoms. We will waive all cancellation fees. 
  • If you’re working from home and are present during your house cleaning service, please maintain your social distance.  We appreciate your help in our efforts to provide safer house cleaning.

    Thank you for being patient and understanding with us as we adjust to our new normal. We want to thank you for being a part of our community. We will do our best to set you up for a healthier cleaning and enjoyable summer so that you can stay safe and healthy. 

If you have any questions, connect with us at 225-756-3900 or sales@guaranteemaids.com.

Thank you,

Lauren Folks Adams

Owner/CEO, Guarantee Maid Services