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Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time where spring cleaning is heard again! In other parts of the country that may mean snow is leaving and flowers are just starting to think about the warm weather and making their appearance. But here in Louisiana, we are already getting close to the end of the season and headed into that toasty warm season that makes us all appreciate air conditioning! 

It’s also the time of year to do some of those spring chores you may have been putting off – like cleaning the pool, doing a thorough house cleaning and preparing gardens

Here's What I like to do!

Some of the things I like to do in spring cleaning is make a list of the things I have a tendency to not get done the rest of the year. Things like putting away the winter clothes and pulling out the warm weather clothes, cleaning the closets and pantry, kitchen cabinets, range hood and air filters, as well as cleaning the vacuum cleaner.  

In our house, pantry cleaning is a top priority. I can’t stand when it’s messy! I’m a little OCD like that – I think that’s part of the cleaning company owner in me! It’s bad enough that my husband and kids have the pantry stocked high with all of the things I shouldn’t eat, without it being a mess to! Fortunately, they are pretty good about keeping it in decent shape and hiding the good stuff from me! But once a year, we also like to clean all of the shelves and make sure that anything that is no longer good gets disposed of and the shelving gets a good wash.

Taking Care of Regular Maintenance

There are plenty of other things that need taken care of as a part of regular maintenance and to keep everything working properly. A perfect example is cleaning your vacuum cleaner. 

Lots of people seem to think that you can just vacuum, empty the canister and call it good. But similar to a car, good maintenance will make your vacuum work better and last longer! Clean filters keep suction strong and help pick up dirt and debris effectively. Filters that are clogged may severely impact a vacuum cleaner’s performance. 

Spring Cleaning tips

Did you know that your vacuum cleaner will typically have 2 filters? Bagless vacuums have a foam filter as well as a HEPA filter in a lot of cases. Depending on how often you use your vacuum, you should clean these about once a month. You can easily remove them and just wash the foam filter with hot water and a little dish soap and then lay them out on a towel to dry. For the HEPA filter, just clean it out the best you can, since they are not typically washable. Once cleaned you will likely notice much better suction and cleaning, especially if it was really dirty! 

One other thing that most people don’t think about cleaning unless there is an obvious issue, is the beater bar. Many people only clean it when something becomes caught in it and it won’t turn. But by checking and cleaning it regularly, you can avoid this issue and protect the beater bar giving it an extended life and better cleaning ability. 

Now that Spring is nearly done, it won’t be long until we have to start thinking about summer, so why not head over to our Four Ways to Clean Up and Enjoy Your Home This Summer blog and learn some great tips on cleaning up for summer!