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Tips and Tricks for Removing Pet Hair in Your Home


Al the pet hair in your home but who could ever resist a fluffy fur, cutest floppy ears, goofy grin, and chocolate-colored eyes that melt away any stress that we might have? Living your life with a furry friend brings endless joy and unconditional love, but let’s be honest, pet hair in your home can be a constant challenge. It seems to stick to everything, including clothing, carpets, furniture, air, and even food. But maintaining a clean and hair-free home doesn’t have to be an ongoing struggle; shedding is a normal part of your pet’s existence, along with dealing with pet accidents. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep pet hair in your home under control and enjoy a clean and comfortable living space for both you and your furry friend.

Regular Grooming for Your Pets

The best method for minimizing pet hair in your home is to brush your pet regularly. Brushing removes loose hair before it has a chance to shed and spread throughout your house, in addition to that it keeps their coats healthy. Here’s a tip: Instead of paying to have your pet groomed by a professional, check out online stores that give a large selection of pet brushes at a lower cost. Generally, a thorough brushing session every few days will greatly reduce shedding, though the frequency of brushing may depend on your pet’s breed and type of coat.

Removing Pet Hair from Furniture and Upholstery

Rubber gloves:

 A simple, yet effective way to remove pet hair in your home is with a damp rubber glove. Put on a damp rubber glove and run your hand over furniture surfaces to collect hair. The static electricity will attract the fur, making it easy to remove.

Lint rollers:

These handy tools are perfect for quickly picking up fur from clothes, furniture, and upholstery.

Duct tape:

Use a piece of duct tape with the sticky side facing outwards to pick up pet hair from furniture and upholstery.

Furniture covers:

Consider using washable throws or slipcovers on furniture can help trap pet hair and make cleaning easier. This creates a barrier between your furniture and pet hair in your home, making cleaning easier.

Removing Pet Hair from Carpets and Rugs

Carpet cleaner:

For deep cleaning and removing stubborn pet hair, consider using carpet cleaning for your home specifically formulated for pet hair removal.


Before vacuuming, use a damp broom to loosen and clump pet hair. This makes it easier for the vacuum to pick up the fur.

Vacuuming regularly:

This is the most crucial step in removing pet hair. Vacuum carpets and rugs at least twice a week, using the appropriate attachment. Invest in a high-quality vacuum for pet hair; the majority of them come with an upholstery attachment made especially for getting rid of pet hair.


A damp rubber squeegee can be surprisingly effective at picking up pet hair from carpets. Simply pull the squeegee across the carpet in long strokes.

Baking soda:

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, let it sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum it up. The baking soda will help loosen and absorb pet hair in your home.

removing pet hair in your home

Hiring Professional Services

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, pet hair in your home can still seem overwhelming. The best solution in this situation maybe to leave it to the experts. Professional cleaners like Guarantee Maid Services have the expertise and equipment to tackle even the toughest pet hair challenges, leaving your home sparkling clean and fur-free.

In the end, the love we share with our pets far outweighs the challenges in your home. By implementing these tips and tricks, you can strike a balance between a clean living space and the joy of having a furry companion. For additional house cleaning tips for pet owners who live with pets, check Clean Homes & Pet Life.

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