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Valentine’s Cleaning Sale will Save You Time & Money

We are having a house cleaning sale! Yep! Who knew I could get so excited by something like a cleaning sale? I think you likely know by now that writing about house cleaning offers, deals, etc really isn’t my thing! I just really don’t think it is something that you really want to read about on a regular basis. Besides, it’s pushy, and I don’t do pushy! But this one is REALLY good!

Having said all of that, this post is going to be the exception to the rule, because we really do have an absolutely fantastic cleaning offer for you, and one of the best ways I know of how to get it out there to you is through this blog.

valentines cleaning special will save you time and money
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Are you Ready for a Fabulous Deal You Can't Resist?

We all know that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about spending time with loved ones, whether it’s your spouse, your kids, even your pets. But that’s hard to do if you are stuck cleaning, dusting and scrubbing the toilet. Not only is it no fun, but it’s not a very glamorous way to spend Valentine’s Day! That’s where our house cleaning deal comes in!

You want to be that spouse that has a romantic dinner, maybe some flowers, chocolates or other goodies; or spending time playing with your kids or helping them with their homework (ok, not fun, but necessary sometimes). But if you are doing that, it’s not long until the house is a complete right off, which makes you a bit on the cranky side and then nobody is happy. You know what they say, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

We can solve this problem for you!

In the name of keeping the peace for you and your whole home this Valentine’s Day, we are offering a house cleaning deal that gets you out of all of the housework and into some much needed spouse and/or family time! Imagine, just being able to sit back, breathe in the smell of a clean home, knowing you didn’t have to lift a finger to make it happen. Seriously, is it even possible to come up with a better Valentine’s Day gift to yourself than that? I don’t think so!

So without further ado….

Our Valentine’s Day House Cleaning Offer…

That's more than 20% Savings!

Take advantage of our limited time house cleaning sale!

Why wouldn’t you let us do the dirty work for you? At that price, you can’t go wrong. 

AND if you mention a couple of specific items (maybe cleaning out the fridge?) you would like us to take care of while we are there, we may be able to work those into your house cleaning deal.

So at the risk of sounding really salesy, what are you waiting for?? This is a GOOD house cleaning deal, if I do say so myself! But, it is only good until Valentine’s Day, so start dropping hints to your spouse now or save time and give us a call at 225-756-3900 and tell us you want the Valentine’s Day Special! Even easier, buy your gift card online here.