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What Mom Secretly Wants For Mother's Day

(Hint: The answer probably includes house cleaning services near me)

It’s time for Mother’s day! For moms, it is a day of love, appreciation, and kindness. A lot of people say that they want to treat their mom with gifts but they don’t know what Mom wants for Mother’s Day. Maybe she wants to do the same old fun family activity she does every year… does she? Maybe there’s a specific frivolous gift she’s been wishing for…but how would you know? Maybe she’s wishing for something she hasn’t got the courage to tell you she wants… but what could that be? 

As owner of Guarantee Maid Services, I’ve been house cleaning in my area for more than 15 years.  Through the years, we’ve heard from at least hundreds of moms what Mom secretly wants for Mother’s Day but doesn’t feel right asking for out loud. Today, I’m going to speak up for moms everywhere!

Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, listen up, I could be talking about the Mom in YOUR life.

Here it is… What Mom SECRETLY wants for Mother’s Day…


That’s right.  Moms get tired.

Moms have so many roles, they’re mothers, wives, daughters, schedulers, organizers, house cleaners, chefs, drivers, and more when they have a career or other interests outside the home and, most women do. That’s a lot of roles and responsibilities, that’s a lot of time, energy, love, and care poured out to others.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never met a Mom who didn’t love spending quality time with their kids and family, but they love it even more when they have some time to themselves, too. 

Of course, she didn’t tell you, because she’s the BEST MOM EVER and she didn’t want to hurt your feelings!

Moms Need “Me Time!”

By “me time” what I really mean is time away from the responsibility of their roles and household chores — time to be HERSELF. Time to do what she wants, to unwind, relax, rest, and recharge so she can enjoy being Mom every day! 

There it is, what Mom secretly wants for Mother’s Day.

Wondering how to package up “me time” and give it as a gift? First you’ll need to help her put time back into her schedule. Consider taking the cleaning of her to do list, it will give her back at least a few hours. You’ll be able to find a reliable house cleaning service nearby that sells gift cards for house cleaning by searching for “house cleaning in my area”. 

Once the house cleaning is taken care of, you can focus on ways to give Mom that “me time”, she needs.  We’ve put together a list of great ideas to help get you started.

1. )A long well-rested sleep

Good sleep comes first on our list. How long does Mom allow herself to recover from a long, busy, and exhausting week? Your Mom may just want to stay in bed this Mother’s day, sleeping in. Tell Mom, you’ll take care of the morning routines so she can turn off the alarm and rest. 

2.) Self-care

Moms always struggle with self-care. Using the time she got back to care for herself is as good for her mental health as it is for her physical health. Pamper her with a gift card for a relaxing and blissful spa experience, a chic mom haircut, or a makeover. She’ll look and feel great no matter what she’s doing!

A long, well rested sleep

3.) Hang out with friends

Nothing is more nourishing to Moms’ soul than a good talk with a close friend. Arrange for her to meet up with a friend and go out for lunch, coffee, or shopping! There’s nothing better than wandering a clothing store with a best friend, trying on clothes she picked for you, and reminiscing about your fun, odd and crazy past.

4.) Send her outside

Do you remember mom sending you outside to play?  Nothing beats soaking up some vitamin D and sunlight! It’s Mom’s turn. Send her outside to spend time in nature. Hiking, biking, swimming, even walking. It’s a fantastic way to get some fresh air, clear her mind, and get her heart pumping.

5.) Support her hobbies

I’m not talking about Netflix and chill or binge watching. I’m talking about a real, authentic and honest-to-goodness hobby. Help Mom make space for her interests and hobbies. Encourage her to start a new hobby, finish that painting or crafting project she never gets to, or to finally read that book she’s been carrying. Focusing on her own interests or projects for just a few hours a week is AMAZING for her mental health, and leaves her feeling fresh and ready to be the Best Mom she can be.

Spend time in nature

See how easy it can be to give Mom room for “me time” and how important it is to her health and happiness. Now that you know what Mom secretly wants for Mother’s Day, all you have to do is grab your phone and find a house cleaning service in your area like, Guarantee Maid Services.  We’ll help you give Mom the best Mother’s Day Ever!

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