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Need Free Time... GMS helps make room for your workout

Working Out with Your Spouse

It’s a new year. Of course we all want to start it off right by working out and becoming a better, healthier person. More than that, some of us are looking for something to do with our spouse. Why not start working out together so both of you can be healthier, happier and get to spend some quality time together?

But what happens if only one of you is motivated to start a new routine to get into better shape? Well, then you have a few options to help motivate them to join you:

1.)    The kids are all theirs

Since you will be off getting fit, it’s only fair that your spouse takes care of the kids while you are out. This includes making cupcakes for the bake sale, being a chauffeur for them and their friends, and chaperoning school events and field trips! So. Much. FUN!!

2.)    They can take over grocery shopping

You don’t have time for that! You will be firming up those abs and giving that treadmill a workout. So it’s reasonable to expect that your legs will be killing you afterwards, so there is no way you can be expected to go back and forth, up and down the aisle of a grocery store and then lugging all of those groceries home and putting them away with your aching arms from all those weights you lifted!

3.)  Did you say laundry?

Oh ya! Y’all know what I’m talking about! Smelly gym clothes need to be washed and freshened up. So do the kids’ clothes, the sheets, towels, etc….You’re way too busy getting healthy for that nonsense! Besides, your spouse has all that extra time on their hands, so let them deal with it!

4.)  Making Dinner

After a tough workout session, you need to have dinner on the table waiting for you when you get home. It is important to have healthy, nutritious meals when you are getting into shape, so your spouse can support you by making sure they have a delicious meal ready for you when you get home!

5.) Cleaning the house

No time for that! Now if your spouse is on the ball, he will look up Guarantee Maids to take this one off his plate all together. But if he is really smart he will never tell you they took care of all of the cleaning. Of course you’ll know – after all, he’s never cleaned that well the whole time you’ve been married! But being a good spouse, you will go along with it and let him think you don’t know. It’s a win-win for you both!

6.) Invite your hard-working spouse!

Finally, since we all know that the gym fitness routine lasted about a month before you got sick of it, maybe you can invite your hard-working spouse to join you and your friends for a drink at the gym juice bar where you’ve been hanging out when you are supposed to be working out and let him know you’ll even pay the sitter!

It was good while it lasted! I suggest keeping the cleaners permanently and let him cook dinner indefinitely! Be sure to take a look at the blog video for some actual tips for working out without your spouse!

And if you want to learn how our team at Guarantee Maids take care of ourselves, be sure to check out our blog post, Guarantee Maids Workout Fun.

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